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Who is Summaries.Com?

Founded in 1989. Summaries.Com is the world's premier publisher of business book summaries. Our mission is to help our subscribers excel by providing concise, succinct executive summaries of the latest business books being published today. We help you get ideas from great books into your brain and into action.

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Summaries.Com started out with a print edition and was one of the first book summary providers to offer its products online. (Our website was launched in December 1998). We're not affiliated with any publishing house so we can choose great books to summarize without any hooks. We work for you in tracking down and then capturing the best ideas from great business books.

The latest business books we release are now available in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats.

We've already published more than 940 book summaries and each week we add a new summary to the collection.

Books summarized to date have included:

  • Biographies of interesting business personalities and successful corporations
  • Motivational and business self-help books
  • Books about investment strategies including real estate, stock market and more
  • Practical hands-on business books which detail how to get things done
  • Books on all the latest management ideas, theories, best practices and more
  • Creative thinking books on lateral thinking, innovation, and other creativity themes
  • Books about e-commerce, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer
  • The best sales and marketing books ever assembled
  • Books which capture emerging business trends, future consumer ideas and so forth

Summaries.Com is designed to help you hardwire the ideas from great business books direct into your brain.

Some other interesting facts about Summaries.Com.

  • We were one of the first summary providers to establish a Web site --- back in the information superhighway days. (That was also the era where Bill Gates said the Internet was "no big thing.")
  • Our first connection to the Internet was a dial-up modem. (True fact)
  • We knew the original developers of the Internet personally. (Slight exaggeration --- they were busy)
  • We are a team of people who are passionate about extracting great ideas from long-winded business books.
  • We've published more than 940 executive summaries of business books. Reading them all would take a day or two.
  • If you take all the summaries we've published and laid them end-to-end, people would wonder why you're doing that.
  • We'd be happy to get a check for the money people make using our ideas to do things better. (It never happens.)
  • We're actually happy to hear from people that use our summaries. (Use the Contact-Us Form or e-Mail Us anytime)

Some other interesting facts about Summaries.Com.

We've sold more than a million book summaries since we started business 20 years ago. Thank you.

We've saved our subscribers about 20 million hours of reading time over the years! Phew!

And we're still just getting started.

Read Less, Do More.