Frequently Asked Questions

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What are business book summaries?
We read an entire business book and then boil it down to eight concise pages of the best ideas, strategies and concepts from the entire book. By reading these summaries, you get a top-down view of all the most important insights from the entire book.
Are these the same as business reviews?
Business reviews are where someone gives you their opinion about the book. We don’t do that. We just bring together all the key ideas and insights the book contains and summarize them. It’s up to you to form your own opinion about the quality of the ideas.
Why are your summaries 8-pages long?
8-pages is long enough that you get the meat of the book without information overload. Our twenty years of experience doing this has shown that 8-pages is the optimum length for a book summary. Less than that and you only get a superficial snapshot. Longer than that and you lose sight of the big picture ideas from the book.
Can you really get all the ideas from an entire 300-page book in a 30-minute summary?
It’s clear a full-length 300-page book will contain more information than a 30-minute summary, but that’s OK. If you read a summary first, then you can be sure the full-length book is worth reading in full. Also having a succinct top-down view of the idea flow of the book makes it easier to organize your thinking as you read it. Great win-win scenario for enhanced learning.
How do you choose books to summarize?
We factor in the suggestions of our subscribers in choosing books published in the last 6 months, on a range of business topics that are relevant and interesting for our readers. We are independent of any publishers, so all selections are made by our editorial committee with the aim of picking a variety of the best and brightest business books published each year.
How long have you been summarizing business books?
We’ve been going now for about 20 years.
Who reads your summaries?
Anyone who wants to get ahead in their career or business. We serve and add value for entrepreneurs, salespeople, small business owners, business managers and business students worldwide.
Why formats are summaries available in?
Our back-issue catalog is a mix. Many early summaries are available in PDF only. Later summaries are available in PDF, Kindle, ePub and MP3 audio format. We’re in the process of making the entire catalog available in all formats.
What topics do the summaries cover?
Everything to do with business. Sales and marketing. Strategy. Management. Future trends. Internet. Creative thinking. Motivational. Innovation. How-to. Biographical. Investing.
Why read business book summaries?
To get fresh ideas which will empower you to get ahead. To learn from the mistakes and success of others. To shorten the learning curve. To be inspired and motivated. To improve your skills. To stand out at work. To be able to make good points in business meetings. To be more successful. To get ahead. To read less and do more.