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Big Things Have Small Beginnings

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About the Author

Wes Berry is the host of a weekly radio talk show titled The People's Voice. He is also a business consultant and helped establish a retail franchise system which now operates thirty units in five states. Wes Berry built Flower Delivery Express first as a successful brick-and-mortar business and then transformed it into a $60 million online business serving millions of customers in over 150 countries. He retired from business in 2016 and since then has served on the boards of several non - profits and charities. Wes Berry's media appearances include appearing on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera and John Stossel and having articles published in NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Entrepreneur and Time. Wes Berry is a graduate of Oakland Technical Centre where he studied floriculture and agriscience.

The Main Idea

Whenever you meet a successful leader, you'll probably be surprised to find they spend a lot of time and energy on the small things that most people gloss over or even neglect. Why? They know that if you take care of the little stuff, the big things will pretty much take care of themselves. Therefore, concentrate on getting the little things right first and foremost. Keep reminding yourself that big things almost always have small beginnings both for better and for worse. Setbacks are always temporary so don't quit. Keep going and you win The Great Game.

Just about every successful person I’ve met— and I’ve been privileged to have met quite a few— and every successful leader I’ve studied, has in some way or another borne out the same truth. That is, successful people seem to spend a lot more time and energy on small things that unsuccessful people so often seem to neglect. I’m here to tell you that, when you take care of the little stuff, the big stuff has a real nice way of taking care of itself.
Wes Berry
The great game is not just a single roll of the dice. Never! In this amazing country of ours, there is always a seat waiting for you at the next table. The trick is not to mind that it hurts when you get knocked down. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. The strength, the courage, the perseverance it takes to pick yourself up time and time again, to my mind at least, comes from having a good family and a good support group. That’s the absolute key.
Wes Berry

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