book covers never lose a customer again

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Never Lose a Customer Again

Turn Any Sale Into Lifetime Loyalty in 100 Days

About the Author

Joey Coleman is a business consultant, keynote speaker and advisor. He specializes in helping organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans. Joey Coleman is the founder and Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony, a customer experience branding firm. Prior to that, he worked as a trial attorney for a law firm based in Iowa, in the White House Office of Counsel to the President during the Clinton Administration and as Associate Director of Member Services at The Corporate Executive Board. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and The George Washington University Law School.

The Main Idea

It’s time to stop thinking B2B or B2C—the future of business is H2H. All business is ultimately the same, because all business boils down to humans dealing with humans. I like to focus on a human-to-human (H2H) equation, because that is what matters most. To never lose a customer again, you must meet your customers (whoever they are) where they are in their emotional journey.
Joey Coleman

To never lose a customer again, keep reminding yourself that ultimately you are selling a product or service to people which will be used by people. Therefore, the key to customer retention is to focus on the emotional journey or the customer experience your customers are going through. Successfully move them from one phase of the ideal customer experience to the next and they will stay with you indefinitely. Build a remarkable customer experience and then figure out ways to deliver that experience consistently well and customers will stay with you for life.

I like to emphasize the First 100 Days after the sale as a critical window for securing customer loyalty—not because it is an exact time limit, but because it is easy to remember, short enough to maintain focus, and long enough to deliver value. This hundred-day time period gives you the opportunity to form a relationship, impress the customer several times, and deliver consistently so they trust and like you. These initial impressions, the early progress, and the rapport-building moments contribute to the customer’s long-term opinion of you and your business. That being said, if you get these First 100 Days of the relationship right, you can keep a customer for life.
Joey Coleman

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book covers never lose a customer again
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