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Every week, we take an entire business book and boil it down to a concise 30-minute executive
summary which extracts all the best ideas, strategies and business concepts it contains.
You can harness these summaries to fuel your brain every week with fresh thinking.

We now have a back-issue catalog of more than 950 business
book summaries that you can access with a 5-Pack Plan.
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SUMMARIES.COM: A BETTER and SMARTER way to read 2019's best business books.
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Why read summaries of business books?

Summaries allow you to get fresh new ideas, strategies and business tips.
You can get the best ideas from a full-length business book in 30 minutes or less.
Reading a book summary gives you the big picture perspective. You can see the best ideas from the entire book from a top-down view.
Business books can alert you to emerging trends -- so you can catch the next big thing before your competitors do.
You can use business book summaries to catch up on the classics you meant to read but have never got around to.
Reading books written by the smartest people in business is a great way to get ahead. You shorten the learning curve by taking advantage of their hands-on experiences.
For just $2 a week, you get exposed to ideas which might be worth millions to you.
Studies have shown you can remember more by reading an 30-minute summary than you will by grinding your way through a 300-page book.
SUMMARIES.COM: A BETTER and SMARTER way to read 2019's best business books.

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