The Summaries.Com Concept in a Nutshell

We supply brain fuel concise 30-minute executive summaries which give all the big ideas, strategies and know-how from a complete business book. Using our executive summaries, you can fuel your brain with fresh ideas every week or whenever you choose.

old mclaren supercar
Think of it this way:
• How far can you drive your car on a tank of gas?
• Do you put gas in your car just once and then expect it to keep running forever more?
In just the same way as you're used to putting fuel in your car, it also makes good sense to fuel your brain regularly as well.
Relying on what you learned a few years ago in school won't provide you with the ideas you need to excel today. You have to keep fueling your brain on an ongoing and regular basis >>>>> which is where we come in. Summaries.Com exists to help you read less but do more.

We provide busy people like you with succinct executive summaries of new business books. These summaries will fuel your brain with fresh thinking and new ideas in just the same way as you put gas in the tank of your car.

So what kind of books do we summarize? Here are some of the books we have summarized over the past twenty years . . . . .

. . . . .and to keep your thinking up-to-date, we're adding a new executive summary to the back-issue catalog every week.

Summaries.Com already has more than 940 summaries you can use right now to fuel your brain with the best business ideas of the past fifteen years and longer. So how does it all work? It's simple really. Take a before-and-after example like this:

Without Summaries.Com
old sticking point book
• 249 Pages
• $39.99 (Hardcover)
• Reading Time: 20 - 25 hours
With Summaries.Com
old sticking point summary
• 8 Pages
• $2.00 (or less)
• Reading Time: 30 minutes

In a nutshell, Summaries.Com helps you gain a working knowledge of the top business books being published this year quickly and concisely ...... and we can do the same for the best business books published over the past 20 years as well from our back-issue catalog.

What this means for you is:

You'll gain a competitive edge

Week in and week out, you'll be exposed to new business ideas, concepts, strategies and information. You'll stay up to date with the latest and freshest ideas which are being published in the business press. Some of these ideas may prove to be invaluable to your future business success.

You'll get new business ideas and strategies you can use immediately.

You'll be able to discuss with other people the ideas, concepts and strategies from the latest business books being published today. You'll have a working knowledge of fresh ideas — which will enhance your image.

Your business confidence will increase.

You'll be able to discuss with other people the ideas, concepts and strategies from the latest business books being published today. You'll have a working knowledge of fresh ideas — which will enhance your image.

You'll remember more of what you read.

A number of studies have shown conclusively that people remember more when they read a summary than they do by reading an entire book. Instead of getting flooded by material, you'll have the key takeaway points clearly identified and concisely stated. A summary is also a great way to refresh these ideas at a later time if the need should arise.

You can use the summaries to identify the books you should read in depth — and those you don't need to.

Imagine you had an assistant who read a new book every week and pointed out which books are applicable to what you're doing and therefore worth reading and which are not. It would save you impressive time and money to have an executive assistant like that. And now imagine all you're paying your assistant is $2 a week! That's what happens if you use our summaries to screen the books you should be reading in full and those which you don't need to read.

You'll save time and money.

Instead of spending 20 - 30 hours reading all the filler material which goes into a business book, you can get to the key ideas from a book in 15 minutes or less. What is your time worth? You'll also get the best ideas from 50 books a year at a fraction of the cost of buying each book individually.

You'll be well informed.

We can provide you with quick access to the best business ideas from top business authors. Our summaries are filled with actionable ideas from each book.

You can set up your plan any way you want.

We offer a range of plans with great pricing options. You can automatically receive the new summary being released each week, select the summaries you want from our back-issue catalog or have no delivery schedule at all. Or if you prefer, you can set things up so summaries are sent only when you order them. We're happy to set things up so you get the maximum value from our service.

You will avoid information overload.

Our service is designed to give you actionable and new ideas. You will end up reading less but doing more — which can't be a bad thing can it?

And that's why we call our summaries brain fuel. We hope you will agree.

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