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Your Best Year Ever

A 5-Step Plan For Achieving Your Most Important Goals

The Main Idea

How do you make the coming year your best year ever? It can be done. To have a breakthrough year, a dynamic five-step process is required:The central backbone of this system is you need to clarify what you want to go after, develop the courage to follow through and then leverage the motivation and commitment you need to accomplish your professional and personal goals in the coming year. This is not just a matter of starting strongly but it's also about making ongoing and intentional choices to pursue your goals. And it's also about succeeding in every domain of your life and achieving personal growth in the year ahead.

Most of us have a long history of not getting what we want out of life. Perhaps we set some big goals we didn’t achieve, or the future turned out differently than we planned. Life throws curveballs. We’ve all been there. Disappointment turns to frustration, to anger, to sadness, and finally twists itself into cynicism. You might feel it rearing its head right now. Stick with me. Whatever has happened in your past—good or bad—it is truly possible to make this your best year ever, even in those areas where you’ve suffered serious setbacks.
Michael Hyatt

About the Author

Michael Hyatt is founder and CEO of his own leadership development firm, Michael Hyatt & Company. He was formerly the chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He is the author or coauthor of several bestsellers including Living Forward and Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Michael Hyatt's blog gets more than a million page views each month and he has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. and Entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Baylor University and McLennan Community College.