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Business Brilliant

Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Icons

About the Author

Lewis Schiff is executive director of Inc. magazine's Business Owners Council — a membership organization for entrepreneurs and business owners. In addition to to maintaining a blog which is published on the Web site, Mr. Schiff is also the author of three books including The Influence of Affluence and The Armchair Millionaire. He previously worked as a consultant to, as senior managing principal for CEG Worldwide and as CEO of Investorama.

The Main Idea

Most middle-class people believe the keys to financial success are:

  • Do what you love and the money will follow
  • Put your capital at risk to get ahead
  • Diversify the ways you make money
  • Have a success attitude
  • Think like a millionaire

Yet when a 6-year long study was carried out of self-made millionaires who came from middle-class families, it was found none of them had followed that conventional wisdom. Instead, they subscribed to a completely different set of guidelines and thereby had become "business brilliant" rather than settling for merely being highly educated or well qualified professionally.

If you want to change your own personal financial destiny for the better, aspire to become business brilliant. First change the way you think and then change the way you act day-by-day. You do this by adopting the seven mental habits of the wealthy and then using the LEAP methodology:

I believe that if you master one-half or just one-third of the Business Brilliant techniques, your income will rise. But first you have to be willing to accept that changing your behavior and following through on a few everyday practices can bring you financial successes you may have only dreamed of.
Lewis Schiff

Sections in this Books

1. The seven mental habits of the ultra wealthy.

2. The LEAP methodology for becoming wealthy.

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book covers business brilliant
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